House rules

Dear Guests,

  • Please close all doors and windows while aircondition is working
  • It is not recommended to keep temperature in the apartment under 25° celsius because of your health
  • Turn off aircondition when there is nobody in the apartment
  • During the night while you are sleeping it is not recommended to keep aircondition on because of your health. It is better to open the window of your bedroom for fresh air
  • When you go out of the apartment please lock all doors and windows for safety of your luggage and personal things in the apartment
  • Please don't make noise after 23:00 o'clock because other guests and neighbours are sleeping
  • If you need anything urgently you can call us to our mob./ phone number +385/(0)95 896 56 11; (0)95 538 61 47; tel.: 385/(0)21 621-230
  • Please don't put towels or clothes on balcony fence
  • Lights attract mosquitos so please don't keep them on if not neccessary
  • Only guests that show their passports to owner can stay or sleep in apartment
  • If there are non reported guests in apartment they will be asked to leave apartment at once

Thank you